Christian Patriot lets you simultaneously embrace your Christian faith,
while also celebrating your American heritage.

Our Mission:
"Providing insight, inspiration and the path to a meaningful life, by focusing on those life experiences we have in common."

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Christian Patriot is constantly working on our stated goal to “Renew Your Spirit” by creating inspirational new products for you, your family and your home. We invite you to share your suggestions and feedback with us.

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Each of our unique Christian Patriot Inspirations is another opportunity for you to say
everything you want to say, without having to say a word. Christian Patriot Inspirations
are gifts of compassion you can give to yourself, and you can also give to others. Christian
Patriot will sustain you, by gently reminding you of who you are, and from where you came.
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The Christian Patriot Inspirational experience is designed to be a constant reminder to each of us that we are not alone as we journey through life. Our Collections are personalized messages proclaiming that we are all connected, not only through our individual faith, but also our collective love of country. Each of the special combinations of religious and patriotic symbols that comprise the Christian Patriot Inspirational Collections, offers an exquisite opportunity to renew both our private and social spirituality.
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