The Christian Patriot® Inspirational experience lets you embrace your Christian faith while celebrating your American heritage.



About Christian Patriot


Christian Patriot is not a political organization. We are also non-denominational.  It is not our purpose to either elect anyone, nor to convert anyone. Christian Patriot seeks only to reinforce in each of us the understanding that we are all connected to one another, not only through our individual faith, but also through our collective love of country.

At Christian Patriot, our sole aspiration is to encourage each of you to join us as we seek to renew our spiritual strength, by understanding and proclaiming to others that we are not alone as we travel along life's journey. Despite the ideological, cultural and philosophical differences that often times seem to divide and separate us as a nation, it is Christian Patriot's singular mission to gently remind each of us of those enduring characteristics that still unwaveringly bind us together.

It is our hope to inspire you to remember every day to embrace your faith, while simultaneously celebrating your heritage.  Christian Patriot seeks to encourage everyone to become a spiritual role model, by demonstrating each day how we can comfort and sustain each other by simply outwardly acknowledging who we are, and from where we came.

We invite you to proudly and joyfully announce a personal resolution to “Renew Your Spirit.”

Thank you for supporting Christian Patriot's mission.

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