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Ascending Angel Gold Pendant

angel American flag gold pendant
Christian Patriot Ascending Angel
and Flag© Gold Bronze Pendant

1" W X 1.40" H - .28 oz.

Glorious adoring angel pendant heralds her message of renewed spirit as she marches forward with an unfurled American flag. Cast from a hand-sculpted artisan's model, and glowing with the warmth of jewelers' gold bronze. Includes 18" double-linked necklace with traditional lobster clasp.

Embrace your Christian faith, while celebrating your American heritage
Finest jeweler's-grade bronze
Hypoallergenic (will not irritate sensitive skin)
Will not tarnish
Scratch and abrasion resistant


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Angels are our messengers from God. These spirit intermediaries between God and man are a constant in our lives but seldom seen. They are portrayed in iconography as protectors and defenders at many points in Christ's life. In early church history, it was believed that the sight of angels was afforded only to the worthy. Angels often are portrayed as beautiful floating beings with wings. Depicted in a variety of artistic forms such as angel jewellery, figurines, posters, their close presence is reassuring. Christian Patriot has taken our most loving symbol of an angel and created a design which also embodies love of country and deep abiding patriotism as our Ascending Angel proudly marches forward holding the American Flag on high.

Each piece of Christian Patriot Inspirational Jewelry is an original design and cast from hand-carved clay models.

Renew your spirit!
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