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Cross of Freedom Gold Charm

If you have a patriotic or faith-themed charm bracelet, our cross charm is the perfect complement.
cross gold charm American flag
Christian Patriot Cross of Freedom©
Gold Bronze Charm

.40" W x .80" - .10 oz.

Uplifting soothing cross charm adorned with the American flag, empowering you to renew your spirit. Cast from a hand-sculpted artisan's model, and glowing with the warmth of jewelers' gold bronze.

Embrace your Christian faith, while celebrating your American heritage
Finest jeweler's-grade bronze
Hypoallergenic (will not irritate sensitive skin)
Will not tarnish
Scratch and abrasion resistant


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“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.”
Mark Twain

From the mind's of our country's best wits comes the best advice. We at Christian Patriot celebrate those who made this nation possible. Those who took up arms when necessary to protect us from tyranny. We are indeed one nation under God. As Christian Patriot grows we hope to extend our creations to many kinds of home goods that reflect the lifestyle of Christianity and patriotism.

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